Q1:  I can’t seem to create or save a profile using the i1 Profiler software

Q2: When creating a profile, I can’t see the Measure button in the Measurement section.

Q3: The save profile button is greyed out in i1 Profiler.

Measure Button Missing

Products affected:

i1 Display Pro

i1 Display Studio

i1 Display Pro Plus

Since the introduction of Mojave and Catalina some changes were made to the windowing system on the Mac and as a result, users are often not seeing the ‘Measure’ button to start the color readings when creating a monitor profile. This is especially seen if using a laptop or smaller screen.

The ‘Measure’ button in the ‘Measurement’ section is just below the colour patches so you may need to resize the application window or click the full screen button (bottom left) to reveal the ‘Measure’ Button. If you still can’t see the it with the application set at full screen, you may need to scroll down the window to show the button.