Problem Finding Second External Display On A Macintosh Computer.

Some Apple Macintosh users have experienced the i1 Studio software not detecting a second external display connected to their system. This can happen on some Macs and a work around is detailed below on how to get both monitors calibrated correctly.

When you wish to calibrate both displays on the system, before opening the software turn off one of the monitors connected to the Mac. Once the display is off plug in the i1 Studio device, start the software and run a the monitor profiling as usual.

Once the calibration is finished save the profile with a name you can link with the monitor you have profiled i.e. Left, Right 1, 2 etc. Then close the application.

At this point turn on the second screen and turn off the first. Once the second display is running on its own, start the i1 Studio software and repeat the calibration with the second display. Again, remember to save the profile with a suitable name to distinguish it from the first display calibrated.

Close the software and turn on the first display so you have both monitors running.

The operating system should set the profiles correctly for both displays but to check to see they are using the correct profile do the following:

Open the System Preferences and click the ‘Displays’ icon. This will open a separate preference window on each display.

In the display preference window on each monitor, click the ‘Color’ tab and make sure that the correct profile (that was named when profiling) is highlighted. This ensures that both displays are using the correct profile.