• Software download for i1Display Pro and Pro Plus – The i1Display Pro and Pro Plus instruments use i1Profiler software (not i1Studio software). To download i1Profiler software for your i1Display Pro or Pro Plus instrument, please go to: xrite.com/geti1Profiler and please also take the opportunity to register the product here for warranty and prompt on-going support.
  • Looking for support for profiling issues in OSX Catalina (OSX 10.15)? Click here for assistance.

For help in finding your product registration code or serial number, click here.

A helpful guide is available that provides users the ideal calibration settings for most monitors, for more information click here.

Before proceeding any further, please first try re-installing the X-Rite software as this will fix many issues.

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If you require further help with this product not listed above, please raise a support case.