Failed to find display… error

Products affected.

  • i1 Display Pro
  • i1 Display Pro Plus
  • i1 Studio
  • i1 Display Studio

We have found that with the recent Windows 10 operating system upgrades, some customers that have reported that they are receiving a “Failed to find displays…” message when attempting to profile their monitor.

While some customers have resolved their issue by updating their graphics card drivers (which is recommended after the update).

To update your graphics card drivers. Go to the graphics card manufacturer’s web site and download the latest versions of the drivers and install them and reboot the system.

Then try the X-Rite application again

If this does not help some customers have experienced the Windows 10 update disables their monitor in the systems Device Manager.

Follow these instructions to enable the monitor and resolve this issue:

  1.  Close your X-Rite profiling application and unplug the X-Rite device.
  2.  Open Color Management in Control Panel.  You will see that there are no displays listed in the “Device:” drop down…only printers and scanners.
  3.  Keep Color Management open and go to Device Manager in Control Panel.
  4.  Open the “Monitors” drop down and you should see your display/displays listed with a small black arrow pointing down (disabled icon).
  5.  Right-click on the disabled monitor and select “Enable”.
  6.  Click “OK” to the “The Devices pages has been refreshed due to a hardware change” message.
  7.  Close Color Management (now showing the display in “Devices:”), Device Manager, and Control Panel and reboot the computer.
  8.  After rebooting, connect the X-Rite device and now the displays should be detected in the X-Rite application.