Technology Type

Products affected:

  • ColorMunki Display
  • i1 Studio
  • I1 Display Pro

In response to the following question:

Q. I don’t know which ‘Technology Type’ to use for my display; can you advise which one best for my monitor?

The Solution:

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology uses a backlight to project light through a thin film transistor (TFT), creating your on-screen image.

When calibrating an LCD display using the i1 Display Pro or the ColorMunki Display, the software provides the option to optimize your measurement for different types of LCD backlight technologies.

i1 Display Pro or ColorMunki Display both offer various backlights including, CCFL (Cold Cathode Florescent), Wide gamut CCFL, White LED, RGB LED, OLED, Plasma and RG Phosphor.

The software will automatically detect backlight information for most displays and select the best option.

For displays where the backlight type cannot be detected, the software will default to CCFL. To ensure the most accurate profile results, be sure to set this option correctly for each of your displays. Consult your monitor’s documentation or go to the manufacturers web site for more information about the backlight technology used on your display.

‘Technology Type’ is located in the ‘Display Settings’ workflow step when using i1Display Pro in i1Profiler.

To access this in ColorMunki Display:

Macintosh: Open ColorMunki Display, select ‘ColorMunki Display’ in the menu bar and then select “Preferences”

Windows: Open ColorMunki Display, select ‘File’ in the upper left and then select ‘Preferences’