Printer profiles result in white areas of prints being grey or with a colour-cast

Products affected:
ColorMunki Photo/Design

In response to the following range of questions

    Q1. After I have created a paper profile and using it in Photoshop the white areas of my prints look grey, mostly where there is white at the edge of an image it shows grey against the border of the print.
    Q2. I seem to be having problems with images having a colour cast when I use the profile I have generated.
    Q3. My prints seem to have a grey look.

The Solution:

This can be caused by the version of ICC the profile was saved as.

All the X-Rite software defaults to Version 4 ICC profiles and some older drivers, on Epson and other printers, can exhibit a grey blue cast to the image. This is especially noticeable in the areas of the image that should be white bordering a non-printed area of paper.

To change this for the ColorMunki, click on ColorMunki Photo in the top left menu bar, then click on preferences. Here you can change version 4 to version 2.

For the ColorMunki Design products simply launch Profile My Monitor or Profile my Printer and then click on the corresponding option on the top tool bar next to the Apple Icon (Macintosh) or file menu (PC) and go to Preferences

If you are using i1 Profiler/Publish start with Advanced checked in the home screen, click Profiling in the printer section in the left pane. After this click the Profile Settings icon in the bottom workflow strip and click the Advanced arrow and select version 2 in the ICC version dropdown. This can then be saved as the default workflow for the specific driver and printer combination that requires ICC version 2 profiles.