ColorMunki Self Calibration Problems

Products affected:
ColorMunki Photo/Design

In response to the following range of questions

Q1. When the software prompts to calibrate the ColorMunki. I rotate the bezel to the calibration position click calibrate on the screen. The device then calibrates and prompts me to rotate the bezel back to the read position. When I do, the software says ‘device being calibrated’ and the software just hangs with the reading light on or prompts me to recalibrate!

Q2. After I calibrate the ColorMunki and rotate it back to the bottom position the software asks me to calibrate again!

Q3. The ColorMunki won’t calibrate. When rotating the bezel the position on the software does not match up with the bezel position on the device.

The Solution:

This can be caused by accidentally clicking the button on the side of the ColorMunki when rotating the bezel back to the read position.

If the software freezes, just unplug the device from the USB cable, wait a few seconds, and reconnect.

The software will then re-connect with the device and prompt to calibrate. Rotate the bezel to the calibration position and press the button on the side or click the screen button. Once the device is calibrated carefully rotate the device back to the bottom read position, ensuring that you do not press the button while moving the bezel.

On rare occasions when rotating the bezel on the ColorMunki the position on the screen icon does not correspond with the position on the device. If this happens restart the software and try again. If the problem persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the software. If this still does not help, it is probably a hardware fault. In this case and the device is still within the 2yr warranty contact your vendor and if found to be faulty will be replaced.