ColorMunki Photo/Design Activation Issue

Products affected:

  • ColorMunki Photo
  • ColorMunki Design

In response to the following range of questions

Q1. When I try to click ‘Activate the ColorMunki’ and click close the software just crashes.

Q2. When I launch the software the Activation button is greyed out. I can click register button, but I have already done this

Q3. When trying to activate the software, the ‘activate’ and ‘register’ buttons are greyed out and I can only close the software.

Problem Explanation:

If the “Activate” button is greyed out or does not take you thought o the software home screen, this is due to either the device driver not being installed properly, or in rare cases a conflict with multiple MAC address on network adapters.

The Solution:

In order to access the ColorMunki software, the ColorMunki instrument needs to be connected and the software activated once on each computer it is to be used. On launching the software for the first time on each workstation with your ColorMunki instrument connected, you should have the ability to select the “Activate” button which will take you through to the software home screen, ready for use.

Step 1:

Check for any faults relating to the device driver as outlined in the Device Connectivity FAQ PDF: http://support.xritephoto.eu/document2/

If the ‘Device Connectivity FAQ’ does not cure the problem please continue to step 2.

Step 2:

If the device driver procedure does not resolve the problem on your Windows PC, it could be a Network issue. To check and overcome such a network related problem use the following procedure:

1. Disconnect your router and/or wireless connection

2. Launch the software and select Activate. This will give you access to the software from that workstation.

3. Reconnect the router (or network adaptor).

This is an issue X-Rite is aware of and although it is a very rare occurrence (and can be overcome as explained above), X-Rite will resolve in the next update to the software.

If the issue persists try the following procedure.


Step 3: 

Sometimes, if you have multiple types of network connectivity, (i.e. Ethernet cable and wireless) their order in the network settings can cause the activation to fail.

Please follow the instructions below that show how to swap the order of your Local Area Connection and Wireless card.

1) Exit all ColorMunki software

2) Open the Network Connections window.

In Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP:

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run > type in ncpa.cpl > Enter (see below)

In Windows 8:

Click Start and then the down arrow (bottom left of screen), and click Run in the Windows System section. This will open the Run window for you to type the ncpa.cpl command (see below).

3) Go to Advanced > Advanced Settings menu. (This is often hidden in Windows. If you don’t see a menu bar, press Alt-F so that the menu bar appears).

4) If the Local Area Connection entry is not displayed at the top of the list, select it with the mouse and move it up to the top of the list using the arrow buttons on the right. Once it is at the top of the list, click OK and close the Network Connections window. (Note: Close and continue to the next point if this was already at the top of the list).

5) Next you must delete the existing ColorMunki license file by going to C:\ProgramData\Xrite and deleting the file called Photo.lic or Design.lic respectively. Once again this might be hidden so you will need to go to Tools > Folder Options > View and select ‘View Hidden files and Folders’.

Restart the ColorMunki software and Activate.  This should now allow access to the software.

If this does not resolve your problems, please check the following:


Step 4:

In certain circumstances, even if the correct network adaptor is selected there still can be an issue with activation this is caused by a corrupt DLL file in the registry.

X-Rite has issued a ‘Hotfix’ for this problem and can be obtained from the following link:


Run the HotFix and re-launch ColorMunki Software, ignore the message to update the software. The HotFix removes some files including the version file from the registry, but it will be the latest.

The next update will fix this issue. You should regularly check our downloads page for updates:


Select ‘Software Downloads’ and check if there is updated version available.