Grey Screen or exaggerated colors on Apple Macintosh Computers after Calibrating with ColorMunki Photo.

Products affected:

  • ColorMunki Photo

Q1: After calibrating my iMac screen with a ColorMunki Photo the screen has gone completely grey and I can’t see anything on screen so am unable to use the computer.

Q2: When calibrating my Macintosh computer with a ColorMunki Photo, after I save the profile the screen goes completely grey and I can’t see anything on the desktop. I have tried rebooting but the screen turns grey and unreadable as soon as I log in.

Q3: After calibrating my Mac with a ColorMunki Photo the colours on my screen are completely incorrect. I have tried rebooting the system but as soon as I login the colours look totally wrong.

The Solution:

A: This is usually caused by the dust slider on the underneath of the ColorMunki pouch being closed when the device is placed on the screen. When the readings are made the brightness of the screen is raised and the profile created is calculated incorrectly, showing either a completely grey screen or over exaggerated colours.

To rectify the problem please try the following:

If you can see the desktop click the Apple icon (top left) and click ‘Shut Down’. If the screen is completely grey and you can’t see the desktop menus, hold down the power button on the computer for 10 seconds to force the Mac to close down.

Start your Mac again with the power button, then immediately press and hold the ‘Shift’ key on the keyboard. Release the ‘Shift’ key once you see the login window. This action will boot the Mac into ‘Safe Mode’ (indicated by a series of lines moving from the bottom to the top of the screen at the login stage). In ‘Safe Mode’ the system performs certain checks and prevents some software from automatically loading, one being the display profiles created by the ColorMunki Photo application.

Once booted in ‘Safe Mode’, log in with your user credentials and browse to the user Library folder. To get the your user Library quickly do the following:

Click once on the Desktop and hold down the ‘alt’ button while clicking the ‘Go’ option in the top menu strip, in the drop-down select Library (Library will only appear when the ‘alt’ button is pressed). Once you have the Library open, browse to the ColorSync/Profiles folder. This holds all the profiles for your display. Next, find the last profile you created with the ColorMunki Photo and drag it to the trash.

Once the profile is removed restart the computer by clickingthe top menu strip’s Apple icon (top left) in and select the Restart option in the drop down (this will take the Mac out of ‘Safe Mode’). The computer should then boot and login normally with no grey screen and correct colour. Just remember to run the calibration again ensuring the dust slider is fully open on the base of the ColorMunki’s screen calibration pouch.