VBScript & XRiteDevice.dll’ not found

Products affected:

  • ColorMunki Smile
  • ColorMunki Display
  • I1 Display Pro

In response to the following question

Q. During installation of the software the following error message occurred: ‘Could not access VB Script’ and then when I tried to start the application the following appeared ‘XRiteDevice.dll’ not found’.

Problem Explanation:

VBScript is a little default script within Windows systems; this is used by installer software’s. Relating to our software, the X-Rite Device Services (XRD) Installer is using VBScript, however, the user does not need to change anything within VBScript.

We know, that Microsoft’s own User Account Control (UAC) can also block VBScript; the security tool MacAfee can also block access. MacAfee tool is sometimes installed without the users knowledge.


The Solution:

We recommend the following procedure to resolve this issue:

  • Close profiling software and disconnect calibration device from computer
  • Download and run ‘MacAfee’ Un-Installer
  • Ensure, User Account Control slider is set to lowest level (Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control settings)
  • Restart computer
  • Re-install profiling software
  • Install XRD (X-Rite Device Services) by right clicking onto the installer icon and selecting option ‘Run as Administrator’ (even if customer is already logged in with Admin rights)
  • Restart computer
  • Connect Device and launch software