Apple Silicon M1 Macintosh Systems Profiling Issues.

Products Affected:

i1 Display Studio

i1 Display Pro

i1 Display Pro Plus

i1 Studio

There is currently a known display profiling issue on M1 Apple Silicon computers where the application reports that it is unable to detect a monitor on the system.

This seems to be due to how external displays are addressed within the M1 implementation of the Big Sur (Mac OS 11) operating system. This was not evident in the pre-release versions of Big Sur as the Beta was only available for Intel powered computers. The issue only became apparent when the new M1 based computers were shipped and made available to our users and developers.

The Apple Silicon and Big Sur combination also has a number of other display issues. Some monitor manufacturers have seen the M1 Macs not displaying full 8-bit colour to the display (thousands rather than millions of colours). Together with reports that some of the Apple Silicon computers are unable to drive a second monitor when multiple displays are connected. These general graphics problems seem to be affecting all manufacturers of display calibration systems to different degrees.

Apple will hopefully issue an update that addresses the graphics problems, but in addition, our developers are working in parallel to provide software updates for release early in the new year. Please bookmark the update page below for the latest information.