X-Rite Photo Products Reinstall Procedure

Products affected:

  • ColorMunki Smile
  • ColorMunki Display
  • ColorMunki Photo
  • ColorMunki Design
  • i1 Studio
  • I1 Display Pro – i1 Profiler

Apple Macintosh – software reinstall procedure:

For all the devices except the ColorMunki Photo an installation of the latest software on top of your current version is sufficient to reinstall the software. The latest version of the software for all devices can be found at:

For ColorMunki Photo on Apple Macintosh platform, please download the ColorMunki Photo uninstaller that can be found at:

Unplug the ColorMunki and then double click the uninstaller file and it will run. It is then best to reboot the Mac, download the latest installer and re-install. The latest version of the software can be found at:

Select your device from the icons and download the latest Mac version of the software.

Once reinstalled reboot the Mac, plug in the ColorMunki and run the software.

Windows PC – software reinstall procedure:

  • Un-plug the device
  • Open the Control Panel
  • Click on Programs and Features
  • Highlight the program name (any of the X-Rite software listed above)
  • Click Uninstall
  • Remove all other items that refer to X-Rite in the ‘Publisher’ column (usually ‘X-Rite Device Manager’ and Uninstall deviceDll1.1). If ColorChecker Passport is installed it is not necessary to uninstall it.
  • Restart the PC and download the latest version. This can be found at:

Select your device from the icons and download the latest PC version of the software.

Install the software and restart the PC.

Once restarted, do not plug the device in again until the computer is fully booted, preferably in a rear USB socket as they have higher power capability.

For other products in the X-Rite range – a un-installer is not required and reinstalling software on top of the previously installed software will generally solve most issues.